Participating with the SenseLab: Conversations on Research-Creation

I am currently in the beginning stages of this book project called Participating with the SenseLab: Conversations on Research-Creation. It will consist of approximately twenty interviews with past and present collaborators of the SenseLab.  I have completed the book proposal and I am presently in the process of confirming all those who will be interviewed and arranging a time to have our conversation. When I have updates to report about this project, I will be listing them at the bottom of this page. For now, here is the outline from the book proposal, which gives more details about the project:

In 2004, Erin Manning founded the SenseLab out of a desire to build a supportive environment conducive to new modes of encounter, expression, and thought that were not defined by any formal organizational structure. Membership was open to anyone interested, which attracted many collaborators from several countries, disciplines and practices. The many event-based projects they have undertaken consistently stressed process and participation over finished products. Process would be the product of the SenseLab. Through these process-oriented, event-based projects the line between “theory” and “practice” began to blur. Interested in overcoming the traditional separation between theoretical research and creative practice, the participants of the SenseLab developed the concept of “research-creation.” Research-creation is a mode of activity occurring prior to any categorical separation of theory and practice that emphasizes the invention of techniques which do not have any predetermined outcome. Every technique created would generate emergent and experimental effects that impacted an ongoing process of research-creation, launching the creative potential for new concepts and practices in-the-making. Participating with the SenseLab offers an insightful exploration of this unique community dedicated to the interplay of philosophic and aesthetic practices through a series of conversations with its international network of philosophers, artist, and thinkers. Each collaborator discusses the influence the SenseLab and its event-based projects has had on own their thought and practice and how they have come to explore techniques of research-creation.

So far the following SenseLab collaborators have agreed to participate in this project (in no particular order):

Erin Manning

Canada Research Chair in Relational Art and Philosophy, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University Montréal, Canada

Founder and Director SenseLab Montréal, QC, Canada

Brian Massumi

Professor, Department of Communication ,Université de Montréal Montréal, QC, Canada

Jaime del Val

Independent Artist, Scholar, and Activist, Madrid, Spain

Nathaniel Stern

Associate Professor, Art and Design Department, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Associate Researcher, Research Centre University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa

Paul Gazzola

Independent Artist and Curator, Adelaide, Australia

Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen

Associate Professor, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University Aarhus, Denmark

Toni Pape

Postdoctoral Fellow, “Immediations” SSHRC Partnership Grant, Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University Montréal, Canada

Sher Doruff

Senior Researcher, Making Things Public Research Group, Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art and Design, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tutor, Master of Choreography, Amsterdam School for the Arts, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tutor, Master of Artistic Research, Royal Academy of Fine Art the Hague, The Hague, Netherlands

Assistant Professor, Master of Artistic Research, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anna Munster

Associate Professor, School of Art History and Art Education, Centre for Contemporary Art and Politics, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Sean Smith

Founder andCo-director, Department of Biological Flow, Toronto, ON, Canada

Independent Artist and Scholar, Toronto, ON, Canada

Bianca Scliar Mancini

Adjunct Professor, Dance Studies, School of Theatre, State University of Saint Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil

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