Future Projects

I plan to work on the following projects over the next several years.

Participating with the SenseLab: Conversations on Research-Creation

This book project offers an insightful exploration of a laboratory dedicated to the philosophic and aesthetic practices of “research-creation” through a series of interviews with its international network of philosophers, artist, writers, and activists. You can read more about this project on its dedicated page here, which has the proposal and will have links to updates of the project’s progression.

Elusive Presence: How Images Make Themselves Felt

This book project is a major reworking of my Ph.D. dissertation. It offers an experience-oriented approach to the study of images by exploring the relations between sensation, process and composition through the prism of the visual arts. Examining Wood Vasulka’s metamorphic videos and the resonate paintings of Robert Irwin, Piet Mondrian and Bridget Riley, this project proposes that all images, regardless of medium, emerge within the shared encounter between viewers and artworks as a field for perception. These emergent images are not passive, preexisting, static representations or simply a transition from one fixed state of experience to another. Instead, it will be suggested that images are intimately entangled within experience and undergo a continuous process of emergence and change, called the “incipiency of images.” These changes may not be dramatic or even visible, but they are felt as an intensity that unfolds through the mutual experience shared between the art and the viewer.

More details about this project can be found here.

A Vector of Strangeness: Feeling the Specious Present

This project is only just at the beginning stages but will explore how we experience what William James calls the “specious present.” Taking the perspective of a nigh club VJ, who is in the midst of a video mixing performance, this project will consider how the present is a much more complex node within time. Encompasses more than just “NOW,” this project seeks to untangle how the present comes to be an experience that is replete with the past and future. It builds on earlier work about the present of not just James, but also Whitehead, Bergson, Stengers, Deleuze, Massumi, and Manning.

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