New issue of Wi: Journal of Mobile Media Online

The editorial team at Wi: Journal of Mobile Media is pleased to announce the release of our latest issue “New Media and the Imagination of the Future,” guest-edited by Benjamin Beil and Simone Natale, with an afterword by David Nye.

Predictions and forecasts of the future of digital media are usually presented as ‘innocent’ and unbiased. In contrast, “New Media and the Imagination of the Future” aims to examine predictions on digital media as cultural constructs that are embedded in political, social, cultural, and ideological frames. Through critical analyses of case studies and theoretical viewpoints, contributors to this issue interrogate how predictions about the future of mobile and digital technologies inform their representation and acceptance in the public sphere. The issue therefore proposes to account for more serious considerations of what our claims and visions about the future tend to be.

The issue can be found here:

Table of contents


Simone Natale, “Introduction: New Media and the Imagination of the Future”


Andrea Ballatore, “The Myth of the Digital Earth between Fragmentation and Wholeness”


Grant Wythoff, “Aerophone, Telephot, Hypnobioscope: Hugo Gernsback’s Media Theory”


Benjamin Beil, “Introducing the All New eyePhone! – The Future of Mobile Media”


Jens Schröter: The Future of the Media, General Ecology and its Economic Unconscious


Henry Adam Svec: Review of Utopia: Social Theory and the Future, eds. Jacobsen, M. H., and Tester, K.


Andrea Ballatore: Review of Tantalisingly Close: An Archaeology of Communication Desires in Discourses of Mobile Wireless Media, by Imar De Vries


David E. Nye: Afterword

We hope you will distribute this announcement through your networks.


The Wi: Journal of Mobile Media editorial team.

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