#Abstract – Feel With the Water: Whitehead, Swimming and Aesthetic Experience

I submitted an abstract today for the Aesthetic Experience conference taking place at the University of Ottawa next February. The conference is still accepting submissions until December 10. I posted all the information in a previous post that you can find here.

This is the second proposed paper I have made concerning swimming and experience. The first proposal is for a chapter in a book that is yet to be accepted for publication. As soon as it is accepted I will post the abstract on here. Eventually, I want enough written work to have a book. But I have two other book projects to complete first.

Here is the abstract. Enjoy!

Imagine you are swimming. Every stroke taken alerts you to how the water feels on your hand as you pull. This feeling between your hand and the water is an aesthetic experience. For philosopher Alfred North Whitehead aesthetic experience is any feeling that emerges from contrast. When two entities that come into contact – water and swimmer – they conjointly generate a contrast. A force then arises from that contrast, which is felt by both human and nonhuman entities. This will discuss this Whiteheadian understanding of an aesthetic experience through the sport of swimming.

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