New Video Works Using Mixbit

Today is the first time in a long time I worked on my artistic practice. Those who have known me for a long time (or have read my CV) are aware that prior to my Ph.D. studies I had a thriving experimental film and video art practice. I have not been working with these media seriously since 2007, when I decided I needed to focus on my ability to write well (which is still ongoing). In August I read this article in The Guardian on a new video sharing app on my iPod Touch called Mixbit. Founded by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who also founded YouTube, Mixbit enables users to shoot, edit, remix, and collaborate on videos. Unlike its competitors, Vine and Instagram, which only allow for 12 to 15 second videos, finished videos using Mixbit can be around an hour long. However, I have yet to see a video longer than thirteen minutes. Most videos are under two minutes.

Mixbit appeals to me because it is simple to use. I can shoot, edit and publish pieces very quickly. Below are my first two videos. Unfortunately, WordPress will not allow these videos to be embedded here, so please click on the link and watch.


Textured Light – #workformixbit 2.” 2013. 0:46. High Definition Video.

Interior Life – #workformixbit 1.” 2013. 0:23. High Definition Video.

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