How to Live in a World Made of Computers, Cory Doctorow

Novelist and digital activist Cory Doctorow discusses living in a world of computers. He starts the talk by talking about making, unmaking, and copying – or what, as I would point out, philosopher A.N. Whitehead would call creativity. Doctorow discusses how DRM tools, software and digital locks prevent creativity, innovation, and novelty.



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2 Responses to How to Live in a World Made of Computers, Cory Doctorow

  1. dmfant says:

    there is a similar enthusiasm at work in these two tho I think that unlike Whitehead CD understands that creativity always already involves destruction and can be all too easily employed to lock-down/program the creativity of others.

    • troyrhoades says:

      Whitehead understands destruction all too well through his notion of perishing. Actual entities are constantly perishing immediately after they have reached “satisfaction,” or in Deleuzian terms “actualization.” All entities that emerge self-destruct and are then taken up in the next actual entity to come. This is Whitehead’s “creative advance.”

      On locking down creativity, lock get broken all the time. The creative advance can hit a roadblock, but it can not stop advancing.

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