The Nature of Academic Blogs

Yesterday in The Guardian there is an interesting article on the nature of academic blogs. The authors looked at 100 blogs across the Anlgosphere (49 were from the UK and 40 from the US, five from Canada and six from Australia) trying to answer the question: why do academics blog? (As an aside, I would love to know which blogs they reviewed.)

This was their primary finding:

By analysing and categorising the content of these blogs, we determined that 41% largely focused on what we call academic cultural critique: comments and reflections on funding, higher education policy, office politics and academic life. Another 40% largely focused on communication and commentary about research. The remainder covered a diverse range, from academic practice, information and self-help advice to technical, teaching and career advice.

This article got me thinking about why I blog. Originally, I started this blog to have an anchor for my presence on the internet – a place to share my work and for  others to discover it. However, this blog has also become a place to share my thoughts on academia, the process of writing, and share things I find relevant and interesting such as call for papers, books, and articles. I know that as my career evolves and my interests change (or not) this blog will change as well.

Thanks to Charlotte Frost for pointing out this article.

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