# SIMONDON /// Episode 07: The Individuation of Bodying: Simondon as Read by Erin Manning

The Funambulist blog’s post on Simondon as inflected by Erin Manning.

The Funambulist

Michel_Cavalca_(prog ONE_FLAT_THING)One Flat Thing Reproduced by Choreographer William Forsythe (2008)  /// Photograph by Michel Cavalca

A few months ago, I presented the work of dancer/philosopher Erin Manning and her book, Relationscape (MIT Press, 2009) through a Bergsonian interpretation of movement. Her most recent book, Always More Than One: Individuation’s Dance (Duke University Press, 2013) indicates twice in its very title its credit to Gilbert Simondon‘s philosophy. This volume continues to construct a philosophy of the dancing body, continuously “taking form” in relation of its environment. Dance is not necessarily on stage and does not necessarily requires music (at least, not music that knows that it is music) in the case of individuation’s dance. “There are techniques for hoeing, for standing at a bus stop, for reading a philosophical text, for taking a seat in a restaurant, for being in line at a grocery store,” says Manning (p33) using…

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