Sage Offers Advice on Publishing Articles

I found this post from Sage Publications offering advice for Ph.D. and early career academics on publishing articles. They answered nine common questions they receive:

1. What is the point of an abstract and how should it be formatted?
2. How much effort should one put into formatting the submission according to the guidelines? Is it a make-or-break proposition?
3. How long does a submission review usually take?
4. Please explain the editorial decision of Reject, Revise & resubmit, or Accept with revisions. If you use other decision markers, please describe those, too.
5. When an author gets comments back on an article from reviewers, in what amount of time should the author expect to reply to those comments for the revision?
6. Some people like to email the editor of a journal before submitting an article. Do you advise that? When would you or when would you not?
7. From the editorial perspective, what makes a great journal article submission?
8. What should a person submitting an article for consideration NEVER do?
9. Other tips/tricks about how to make a submission stand out?

You can read the answers to these question on Sage’s site here.


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