#AcWriMo Goals and Day 1 Report

So as stated in my last post, below are my goals for AcWriMo and how I will achieve these goals.

1) Complete a publishing proposal for my two book project.

2) Finish the final draft of at least one chapter for the above book project (Ideally I would like to do more).

3) Complete three abstracts for conferences and one chapter in an edited book.

4) Two blog posts per day.

Here is how I plan on achieving this goal.

1) Write for a minimum of two hour blocks two times per day (except Sunday).

2) Have a total of 500 words per day written.

The final goal at the end of the month is to have the three abstracts and the publishing proposal all submitted.

Now for my report for Day 1.

So yesterday I completed and submitted my abstract for a chapter in a book I have been invited to write in. I cannot say what the book is right now since it is still in the proposal stage. The editor does not have the project contracted yet but it looks pretty likely. Once everything is finalized I will be making an announcement here.

The abstract is all that I wrote yesterday. I did not write two blog posts yesterday. My total word count was 300 words. I wrote for a total of two hours.

My goals were not all met, but it felt good to get one abstract finished and submitted. I hope other AcWriMo participants had a good first day too.

Remember you can find all the information for AcWriMo you need here on PhD2Published’s site. They also have a lot of other good posts on writing geared towards PhD students and newly-minted academics.

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