# THE FUNAMBULIST PAMPHLETS /// Twelve First Volumes to be soon Published by Punctum Books

The first five Funambulist Pamphlets have just been published by Punctum Press. All of these pamphlets, twelve in all, originate from Léopold Lambert’s blog called The Funambluist. They are all open access and free for download as PDFs. Printed versions are also available for purchase.
I have only quickly read some of them but will be re-reading them more thoroughly later and potentially reviewing them. I can’t wait to read the Arakawa + Madeline Gins, especially since their thought has been creeping more into my own work.

The Funambulist

The Funambulist Pamphlets edited by Leopold Lambert (punctum books)

I am happy to announce that the twelve first volumes of The Funambulist Pamphlets, a series of small books collecting articles written for the blog, will be published by Punctum Books as part of the CTM Documents Initiative series all along this summer. Such an opportunity was made possible by Eileen Joy, director of Punctum Books and Ed Keller, associate dean at Parsons The New School of Design and director of the Center for Transformative Media; I am very grateful for the trust they put in me. This series of Pamphlets has twelve volumes for now but will be able to expand in the future, it will allows a collection of article by themes as well as a reading of them in a correct(ed) English (thanks to Anna Kłosowska and Eileen Joy). Following Punctum’s manifesto for an open-access to knowledge that I could not approve more, they…

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