Channel Surf – A Call for Participation

The Department of Biological Flow has put out a call for participation for their research-creation event called Channel Surf, which will be taking place on the Rideau Canal in Ontario, Canada some time in the early summer of 2015. This looks to be an amazing event that will take place in a UNESCO world heritage site and cross many disciplinary boundaries, cutting through art, philosophy, (post)colonialism, ecology, and more.

The proposed event will be “a primarily analog gesture of imagination, with artists, thinkers, movers, activists and healers forming a travelling caravan of paddlers canoeing and camping up the Rideau Canal from Kingston to Ottawa over a 12-day period.” They go on to state:

Along the way we will explore two different geospatial contexts for thinking about art, philosophy, movement and pedagogy: first, an aquatic topology whose boundedness moves fluidly between the relatively organic lakes and watersheds of the Rideau waterway, and the rationalized lock systems that connect their differential elevations en route; and second, a littoral threshold that serves as a transition between the boundaries of water and land lining our passage along the way—not to mention the historic villages which dot the trajectory of this canal or channel. Tempo figures heavily in the former instance while a certain intermedial diagramming will inform the latter, each woven back and forth throughout our journey.

Participants are invited to engage this event in one of three ways: 1) Liquids: as part of the core group of paddlers and campers who will begin the journey in Kingston and complete the entire passage along the Rideau Canal to Ottawa, offering a certain continuity to the event; 2) Catalysts: as one of those who cannot take part for the entire trip, but would like the opportunity to join and/or depart the caravan mid-stream, creating a necessary recharge of energies along the way; 3) Effervescents: as someone who would like to join the travelling group for a communal evening event on land—as, for example, with an interested local artist who lives along the historic route or some curious boater pitching camp at the same time. Thus, we shall have an ever-changing dynamic of relations and potentials over the lifecycle of the event.

For more information on the event or to contact the organizers of the event see the event’s web site found here.

Below is a route map of the Rideau Canal.

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