Politics and the Later Latour – call for papers

I have seen this call for papers for the journal Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought on the topic of politics and Bruno Latour’s most recent thought posted on both Graham Harman’s blog, Object-Oriented Philosophy, and Stuart Elgan’s blog, Progressive Geographies (which is the source of this post). I’m not sure if I will have the time to write something of this particular call, but it does sound intriguing.

Progressive Geographies

Posted on behalf of Mark Edward:

Call for Papers: Politics and the Later Latour

Global Discourse: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Current Affairs and Applied Contemporary Thought

Volume 4: Issue 4, November 2014

This August sees the publication of the English translation of Bruno Latour’s ‘An Inquiry into Modes of Existence’ (AIME), marking both a landmark in the long-collaborative AIME project and a significant development in Latour’s thought. This issue of Global Discourse will examine the political significance of Latour’s later work, which has seen important developments that expand and move beyond Actor-Network-Theory. In particular, the issue will explore Latour’s focus on modes of existence, the call for compositionism and the move from modernising to ecologising.

Among others, we welcome submissions on the following topics:

  • nonmodernist (political) modes of existence
  • Latour’s ecological thought
  • institutions and the epistemology of trust
  • reassembling the political after the modern

Building upon previous symposia with the likes of…

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