Massumi & Manning: For a Pragmatics of the Useless Propositions for Thought

Courtesy of ANTHEM, here is an excellent talk on the importance of the useless by Erin Manning (my former PhD advisor) and Brian Massumi (my current Post-doc supervisor).


Erin Manning is a cultural theorist, political philosopher, and practicing visual artist. She currently holds a University Research Chair in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University and is the founder and director of SenseLab, a laboratory that explores the intersections between art practice and philosophy through the matrix of the sensing body in movement. In her writing, Manning addresses various topics related to thought and politics in a field between dance and new technology, the convergence of cinema, animation, and new media. Her focus is on the senses, philosophy, and politics, as well as on the political and micropolitics of sensation and performance art. Her publications include: Relationscapes: Movement, Art, Philosophy (2009), Politics of Touch: Sense, Movement, Sovereignty(2007), and Ephemeral Territories: Representing Nation, Home, and Identity in Canada (2003).

Brian Massumi is a political theorist, writer, and philosopher. He teaches in the Communication Sciences Department at the Université…

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One Response to Massumi & Manning: For a Pragmatics of the Useless Propositions for Thought

  1. dmf says:

    hey there. glad you liked this we are (in fits and starts) trying to do something lab/studio/workshop like (inspired by your teachers and ) online with our new blog in the making;
    and would appreciate any suggestions/contribution that you and your colleagues may like to make along the way, cheers.

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