Updates to My Publications Page

Just a quick note to say that I have updated my publications page to reflect some of the forthcoming articles that will appearing hopefully within the next year.

The first one that should published is my article on two late works by Piet Mondrian, titled “Tentatively Constructing Images: The Dynamism of Piet Mondrian’s Paintings.” This will appear in the sixth issue of Inflexions: A Journal for Research-Creation,
which is focused on work about or in dialogue with the architects Arakawa and Gins. Many of the articles in this issue are re-worked papers or video presentations from the AG3: The Third International Arakawa and Gins: Architecture and Philosophy in 2010. It will be a very interesting and diverse collection of works.

The second article is based on a paper I gave at the 2012 Kaifeng International Deleuze Conference at Henan University in China, titled “Brimming with Vitality: Colouring Experience Beyond Human Perception in Seurat’s La Grande Jatte.” Henan University has gathered most of the papers from this conference and will be publishing them through their press. I am not sure when this will be coming out exactly, but I am eager to see the final edited book.

The third article is an expansion of a paper I will be giving later this year at the First International Deleuze Studies in Asia Conference, titled “Encounters with Incipient Action: Robert Irwin’s ‘Line’ Paintings.” This will be published in the Journal of Visual Art Practice by Intellect.

I still have a few more articles either currently under review or almost ready to send out for review. Of course I will keep you posted when more of my work becomes available.

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