A New Way to Peer Review

Stuart Elden points to BioMed Central’s new way to peer review.

Progressive Geographies

BioMed Central discusses a new way to peer review, the community peer-review initiative Peerage of Science. There is some relation to the editorial I wrote for Society and Space a few years back on “The Exchange Economy of Peer Review” (open access). Thanks to Noel Castree for sending this to me.

Much has been made recently of the imperfections of the traditional peer-review process as a way to evaluate scientific knowledge. Despite quibbles about process, the current system still represents the gold standard which—to paraphrase Winston Churchill on democracy—might be said to be the worst form of scientific assessment, except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.

A key problem for journals and journal editors is balancing efficiency, rigour and fairness. All three are crucial, and interwoven with each other to affect the scientist as author, editor, reviewer and reader.

To address this, a little…

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