AcWriMo 2012 Update #1

The month is almost at the half way point, so I thought I should give an update on my AcWriMo goals. (If you do not know what AcWriMo is look at my earlier post about it.)

If you recall I had two goals:

1. Convert one of the papers I wrote for a class during my Ph.D. into an article. The paper is currently 1500 words. This means I need to write approximately 3500 to 6500 words.

2. Write at least one blog post per week that is about my creative practice (either artistic or philosophic).

I might not reach my first goal if I continue to work the way I have been. I have only written 300 words for the paper. But this doesn’t mean that I have not been writing. I have just been working on something else. I recently found four jobs to apply for. Two of the applications are completed and handed in. This involved writing two cover letters and three course syllabi for a total of 6,921 words. I still have two more applications to write. This means more writing but just not on the goal.

Also regarding goal one, because I am falling behind making the goal, I have decided to shift it slightly. Rather than expanding on a paper I wrote during my Ph.D., I have decided to expand a paper I gave at Performance Studies International 15 (PSI15). You can read the original paper I gave here. I will be making a 2800 word paper into a 5,000 to 8,000 word article. I know this might be seen as weaseling out by some participating in AcWriMo, but I feel the intention of the goal remains the same.

As for second goal, I have kept it by writing a blog post about my creative practice by posting my paper from PSI15 on nonhuman performance and the Pacific Garbage Patch.

I am still committed to the goals I made and hope to share more of what I am writing soon. I hope everyone participating is working well and getting through the month successfully.

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One Response to AcWriMo 2012 Update #1

  1. EJ says:

    Godspeed Troy!

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