Gratton on Open Access

It amazes me how much (or little depending on your perspective) people know what open access publishing is. Thanks to Peter Gratton for showing that there is still a lot of misunderstanding about it. I hope people continue to see the value of it.


Yesterday, we had a meeting of Faculty Council for the Arts (I have to go as chair of our undergrad studies committee). This poor librarian starts us off with a 15-minute presentation about open access publishing, and it was excellent: all the global justice and other reasons for opting, if one can, for open access. Then she finishes, and this guy lights into her like I haven’t seen. So he goes on and she asks, “Can you tell me what you think is wrong with open access?” And he says, “One word: crud.” And then he says something about it being “pay to publish.” Then our new dean pipes up and said she had “no idea” open access publishing included peer review.

So it was left to me to explain this thing called the internet and how Society and Space does as much open access as possible and how peer…

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