(Re)Activating Objects: Social Theory and Material Culture

The call for papers below was sent to me recently. It is unfortunate that it is only for Canadian and American graduate students because the topic look very interesting, dealing with the question of objects and materialism that seem to be so now. (See my last post to see what I mean.)

(Re)Activating Objects: Social Theory and Material Culture
Department of Visual Arts
Western University
March 15-17, 2013

(Re)Activating Objects will investigate the ways material culture provide a lens to examine the systemic structure of our socio-cultural-economic worlds. (Re)Activating Objects pulls from a variety of disciplines and approaches that address the fundamental and theoretical questions about social constructions, social politics, and social ethics.

We have asked candidates to ‘activate’ objects that are under-theorized and/or ‘reactivate’ objects with shifting or multiple ideologies. Ultimately, how do ‘activated’ objects create a productive discomfort that forces us to ask questions about our current worldviews? Furthermore, can they point us toward an imagined future?

Canadian and American graduate students at the M.A., M.F.A., and Ph.D. levels have been invited to submit abstracts for presentations and artist talks from the fields, including but not limited to, visual arts, history, museum studies, indigenous studies, gender studies, and theory. (Re)Activating Objects: Social Theory and Material Culture will build on existing research and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in a number of disciplines. The multidisciplinarity of (Re)Activating Objects encourages participants to bring their particular  trajectory and field of study to the conference for a lively and collegial exchange of ideas. Successful candidates will also be considered for a corresponding online publication.

For inquiries, please contact us at: reactivating.objects@gmail.com


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One Response to (Re)Activating Objects: Social Theory and Material Culture

  1. curtis says:

    Hello, I know the those putting the conference together and it is open to all (international and not just North American). It was phrased that way because it was only advertised in North America. But you still have today (DEC 5th) to submit, so go for it.

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