Two journals on the Printemps Érable-Maple Spring

I want to point out two journals that have issues concerning the Printemps Érable or the Maple Spring. For those not familiar with this political uprising, it took place in the spring of 2012 in Québec (where I currently reside) and was focused on the proposed rise in tuition for university. Then in May the government then passed a law (Loi 78) that essentially outlawed spontaneous peaceful acts political resistance and protest. The result was an outpouring of protests known as Les Casserole, in which thousand of people throughout Quebec at 8 PM would bang pots.

I know I am not doing justice to this complex movement and moment in Québec so please  read the journals below or read translated news report from the Québec french media here. There are some amazing articles in both of these issues, especially if you are interested in affective or ethico-aesthetic politics. Enjoy!

The first journal is a special issue of Theory & Event, titled “Printemps Érable – Quebec’s Maple Spring of 2012” and edited by Brian Massumi, Darian Barney and  Cayley Sorochan. It can be found here.

The second journal is Wi: The Journal of Mobile Media, titled “Out of the Mouths of “Casseroles”: Textes qui bougent au rythme du carré rouge” and edited by Kim Sawchuk, Owen Chapman, Alison Reiko Loader, Magda Olszanowski and Ben Spencer. It can be found here.

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