CFP: The Third Conference on the Image

This morning I found the call for papers for the third Conference on the Image in my email inbox. You can read the details about it below.

I went to the first Conference on the Image in Los Angeles two years ago and thought it was well organized. There was an eclectic mix of perspectives on the image ranging from identity politics to questions of perception. Every medium was represented. There were papers on film, video, painting, performance, television, advertising, etc. The paper I presented was on the dynamism viewers perceive when looking at Piet Mondrian’s paintings. I will post this paper later this week.

The only criticism I have is that conference goers were not given a break for lunch. The conference did provide a decent lunch but those attending had to either miss some of the talks in order to eat or forgo eating. I hope this problem has been resolved for this upcoming conference.

So here is the call for papers:

14-16 September 2012
Higher School of the Humanities and Journalism, Poznan, Poland

SPECIAL THEME: ‘The Thread to the Unknown’
Is the Unknown a construct? Can we actually construct the Unknown, and if so
how do we do it? This conference aims to explore the boundaries of language,
culture, scientific research, artistic production and images in relation to
the Unknown, in order to think about the limits of science and the future of
human society. (Full conference Themes may be found at

We are pleased to hold the 2012 conference in partnership with the Polish
Mediations Biennale 3: The Unknown – Nieznane. The location of the city of
Poznan in Poland and Europe creates a wonderful opportunity for it to become
a mediator between Eastern and Western Europe, between Asia and Europe, and
between the civilizations of the west and the east. The word MEDIATIONS also
applies to the relationship between all fields of art, attitudes, outlooks
on life, and generations. The Unknown – Nieznane: Works of art disclose
areas which are incomprehensible and which cannot be expressed with the use
of the words. We create knowledge of what is familiar to us and about the
secret of our existence. Art awakens in us the sensibility and awareness of
the presence of things that are unknown in our lives. During the MEDIATIONS
BIENNALE, there will be works of ancient, modern and contemporary art
presented and created by the artists from different cultural areas around
the world.

In addition to an impressive line-up of international plenary speakers, the
conference will also include paper presentations, roundtable discussions,
workshops, and colloquia submitted by practitioners, teachers and
researchers. Please refer to the Call-for-Papers for proposal submission
guidelines and descriptions of sessions – Presenters may also
choose to submit written papers for publication in the fully refereed
International Journal of the Image. If you are unable to attend the
conference in person, virtual registrations are also available which allow
you to submit a paper for refereeing and possible publication in this fully
refereed academic journal.

The deadline for the next round in the call for papers (a title and short
abstract) is 8 March 2012. Future deadlines will be announced on the
conference website after this date. Proposals are reviewed within two weeks
of submission. Full details of the conference, including an online proposal
submission form, may be found on the conference website at Presenters may also take advantage of the
Early Conference Registration, available until 14 March, see:

Please subscribe to our free, monthly email newsletter, and to our Facebook,
RSS or Twitter feeds at

We look forward to receiving your proposal and hope you will be able to join
us in Poznan this September.

Yours Sincerely,

Phillip Kalantzis-Cope & Tamsyn Gilbert  – The New School For Social
Research, New York City, USA
Marianne Wagner-Simon – Freies Museum Berlin, Germany
Tomasz Wendland – Director, Mediations Biennale, Poland

For the Advisory Board, International Conference on the Image and The
International Journal of the Image

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